Size Guide

To work out the measurement that you require for your item, the easiest way is to measure an item that you already have eg, necklace, bracelet etc.  If you don't have anything, use a piece of thread or measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist bone, ankle bone or your neck as tight or as loose as you would like it. Some of the items are elasticated whilst others have a clasp. Then include the sizing in the "order special instructions" box.  The below sizing is just a guide of what the most popular sizing range is. Please specify the exact measurement that you would like every item made to.

eg. average sizing (use the below only as a guide)

Kids bracelet             14 -15cm

Women's bracelet   16.5 -19cm

Men's bracelet          17 - 20cm

Kid's anklet               20 - 22cm

Women's anklet        23 - 25cm

Men's anklet             25 - 28cm

Kid's necklace          33 - 35cm

Women's necklace   38 - 44cm

Men's necklace        44 - 54cm